18U (1999/2000 birthdays) - pitcher, utility player (2 spots open)

14U (2003/2004 birthdays) - pitcher, utility player (3 spots open)

10U (2007/2008 birthdays) - catcher, 2 utility players (3 spots open)

We have spots to fill on ALL teams from 8U to 18U.  If you were born between 2001 and 2010, come check out our tryouts on July 5th & 6th!  For more information, or if you need to schedule a private tryout, contact Tracie or Rick.

Chaos Head Coach: Rick Dunavin      402-890-4859

Chaos Business Mgr:  Tracie Dunavin  402-310-5270

Or Email us at  lincolnchaossoftball@gmail.com

The following Chaos teams are accepting private tryout requests for specific positions for 2018: