Hello business owners!  Welcome to the Chaos Softball website! 

What if I told you that you could receive some great value advertising while making an impact on our community by helping young softball players attend tournaments throughout the southeast Nebraska area?  We have a great opportunity for your business to do just that!  Chaos Softball is an organization that offers an affordable opportunity for girls from 8 to 18 to play competitive softball and further develop skills and a lifelong love of the game.   

Chaos is a 100% volunteer organization whose only goal is to open up opportunities for female athletes to compete.  Our hope has always been that, by offering a competitive option that is also affordable, we are expanding the number of kids who can pursue their love for this sport.  Some of our former players are now actively coaching teams of their own, so this is something that definitely pays itself forward!

Sponsorship from local businesses has such a huge impact on our goal of offering girls an affordable opportunity to play.  This game teaches young people valuable lessons like hard work, commitment, goal setting, being part of a team, and countless other life skills that will benefit our players far beyond the game of softball.  It really does make a difference.   


What’s in it for you?  This is a win-win proposition for both you and us!  Some of the most effective methods of building your business are positive word-of-mouth and name recognition through goodwill endeavors.  Sponsoring a local softball team will bring those benefits to your business at a substantially lower cost than traditional advertising, and you gain an unlimited amount of local exposure.  In return for your support, Chaos players, families and fans become familiar with your name and your customer base expands.  What better way to increase your local visibility than having your business prominently displayed on our team banner, as well as being promoted through our website and social media! 

We truly appreciate your consideration of sponsoring our team at whatever amount you find possible within your operating budget.  A standard sponsorship for 2020, which includes logo placement on one of our team’s banners, is $250.  However, any donation is appreciated and welcomed in our efforts to fund our teams.  Your business will be acknowledged on our website with a thank you for any amount. 

​Yours in softball~ 

Promote Your Business While Supporting Our Players!